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Introducing Blazonco
We just launched Blazonco. This powerful content management system allows you to easily build and market your business online with web sites, email, promotions, and lead generation. Blazonco has beautiful pre-designed sites and can also accomodate custom original creative. Every crucial add-on modules is available to let regular people add required functionality at the click of a button... Blogs, Forms, Emails, Newsletters, SEO, Media Players Products and ecommerce.

Fall Development Work
In October Pinacol developed a Flash 3D video experience for Hitachi at This site is amazing, beautiful, and an incredible experience. Check it out.

Then in November, we launched for Intel. You can configure a PC to meet your needs, and send a e-card request to friends encouraging them to help you get it.

Also this fall we helped J. Walter Thompson with some of their clients' interactive initiatives. From Encanterra and Trilogy Life programming, to banners for Boeing... we even completed a recruitment website that shows potential employees what a great envoronment Microsoft has fostered for their project teams at It is another Pinacol produced Flash Video Experience that let's the user get inside of the Microsoft Experience.

Just before the holiday buying season we built a comparison shopping site based on the powerful Shopzilla API codebase. Visit Deal Desire to save a buck or two.
Summer of Fun
Thanks to working with amazing clients and premiere brands, Pinacol has yet again delivered beyond expectations.

To "get the ball rolling" we turned a normal site into a 3D video experience at Well, actually it is a cube and it floats, rotates, and delivers the branding message that RealD is the definative leader in cinema 3D.

Are your into golf? American Express? How about Tiger Woods? We have completed a website that combines all three, If you are a good guesser, play our Scoreboard challenge game for a chance to win tickets to next year's US Open.
Great Sites from Pinacol
We are so proud to showcase several fantastic sites from 2007.

To be a part of the biggest party in the desert, visit AEG Live's Stagecoach Festival and Coachella.

For your vacationing pleasure be sure to visit Pure Kauai, Pure Maui, and Pure Jackson Hole.

For all you drinkers out there, Pinacol has been deeply involved with the continuing technical development of for Miller Brewing company.

And if you are looking for self improvement in the form of IT Leadership Coaching and Seminars, Valuedance has everything you are looking for.
Confidence in People
Confidence is key. Without confidence, it's tough to build anything that's strong. If you go in weak, what comes out is weak.

Some companies try to manufacture confidence. They use specs, documents, and process as things to lean on. These crutches give them a false confidence that nothing will go terribly wrong.

The problem is when you build confidence with documents and all that, you are nailing yourself down to assumptions that are probably wrong (assumptions always seem to fall by the wayside once things get real). Yeah, you may feel better that you have a recipe written down. But if it's a recipe for failure, what's the point?

Still, some people don't get it when we argue "don't worry about all these specs and documents" and instead "dive in and build stuff."

You have to start with confidence in your own people. We believe in the ability of our team members. We believe they are smart. We believe they can get it done without handholding. We believe they will design effective UIs, write efficient code, author clear copy, and communicate well with each other. You have to start with confidence in your own people.